Border states are gaining ground on construction of wall

Construction of new reinforced border wall panels are underway in the Calexico area of California, which were not associated with the president's executive order.

In Texas, the rain last month has hindered progress a little in west Texas with building the border wall.

Curtis Collier with US Border Watch said out of the 22 miles of fencing along the Texas border, 12 miles will be new fencing.

"Just like in California, in Texas we've replaced some of this old fencing with the new panels and we've also got about 12 miles of new fencing," said Collier. "Something's happening every single day, I just wish it was happening in Washington every single day. Washington is the biggest problem here. We've basically rolled out the red carpet, and now we're complaining because of people walking on it, and it's just crazy."

He said July should be drier and more progress can be made.

Reportedly, construction for the Tecate and Calexico projects is expected to cover 15 miles and will continue into 2020.

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