Video: Driver drags officer with his car during routine traffic stop

Rocky Rudolph, 38, was pulled over for an alleged window tinting infraction before allegedly dragging deputy Aaron Blais with his car.

The officer was dragged at speeds reaching 60 miles per hour were captured on his body camera.

On the evening of May 9, driver Zavier Askew, 25, was stopped by Officer Sean Murphy for expired tags, police said.

Murphy suspected there was marijuana in the car, but Askew responded "there’s no weed in the car," according to the body camera footage.

Askew was taken out of the car while officers searched. It is unclear if officers found any marijuana in the vehicle. When officers finished searching, but before completing the traffic stop, Askew ran for his car and got in.

The driver has been apprehended and is now facing an attempted murder charge.

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