Media, left now calls border situation ‘crisis’

The mainstream media used a tragic picture of a dead father and two year old girl to call attention to the crisis at the border. But they didn’t always call it a crisis.

In fact for years they all but ignored it.

During the Obama years, Breitbart and Bob Price reported about tragic migrant deaths at the border that the left ignored. Price says the media has a long history of protecting Obama and Joe Biden.

“During those years, everything was George W. Bush’s fault. Now that Obama is out of office, everything is Donald Trump’s fault. But nothing is the Obama-Biden administration’s fault,” Price explained.

Which may be why the twenty times Breitbart reported about migrant deaths at the border was ignored. And you may not have known this. But more people died at the border each year during Obama's time in office than under President Trump.

“The average was a little over 400 deaths a year. It appears that that number is less than 300 under Trump,” Price said.

But, again, it wasn't a crisis under Obama. Now, the left and the mainstream media call it a crisis.

Familes and Children Held In U.S. Customs and Border Protection Processing Facility

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