Left trying to censor conservatives using financial means

Extreme leftist groups backed by George Soros are trying to censor conservatives, and they are using financial pressure to do it.

The group 'SumOfUs' wanted Mastercard to blacklist conservatives by cutting off services to what the group has called 'hate groups.' Conservative attorney Michele Byington told KTRH this is a violation of free speech.

“The First Amendment is what this country is based upon. Wars were fought over this, and attempting to silence a group you politically disagree with is, unfortunately something incredibly dangerous,” Byington explained.

Byington also says this is not the first time we've seen this.

“We saw it with the IRS under the Obama Administration. That was a government backed targeting of conservatives,” Byington said.

We’ve seen it other times, too. Back in March we told you that PayPal had been accused of censoring groups with help from the Southern Poverty Law Center. The good news is that Mastercard did not do what the leftist group was asking for.

Stack of multicolored credit cards close-up view with selective focus.

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