Democratic Debate Winner: Donald Trump?

The Trump campaign sends a big "thank you" to Democratic presidential hopefuls after their first night of debates.

Trump 2020 Campaign National Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany tells Fox News at Night the far left policies espoused by the candidates only help the Republicans...

"It was the best advertisement we could ever get; with decriminalizing border crossings, limitless abortion, running against the Trump economy, abolishing private healthcare. You can't make this stuff up; this is radical government takeover uttered from a debate stage. So thank you Democrats for the contribution to Trump 2020. We greatly appreciate it."

Texas GOP analyst Bryan Preston says one candidate appeared to emerge from the field...

"The first winner in the first section - the first stanza - was probably Elizabeth Warren, just because she got most of the questions and therefore her policy positions had a lot more say than everyone else. Now, she faded during the night, and in the second hour we never really heard from her."

Preston says one of the Texas candidates also had a good night.

"(Julian) Castro did have a better night than expected; and I think conversely, O'Rourke had a worse night than expected. I joked about this on Twitter last night during the debate, but it really seemed to me like Beto O'Rourke was physically shrinking as he spoke."

Fox News reports that Julian Castro had the most Google searches for his name during the debate.

The second round of the debate includes 2020 Democratic front runner Joe Biden takes place tonight.

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