Asteroids could spark a space race with the Chinese

You may have heard about a so-called "golden asteroid" with enough gold and other precious metals to make everyone on Earth a billionaire. Well, keep your pants on, we probably don't have the tech to mine it.

Space expert Keith Cowing says mining the big asteroid is beyond our current technology.

"Right now we're just trying to figure out how we can get people to live in space, safely, inside a tin can for several years at a time and maybe land on a planet once in a while."

Cowing says we'd have to build mining stations in space before we could start another gold rush.

"As optimistic as I am and would love to see people do this, I think we're talking about something your great grandchildren might witness."

We've known about asteroid 'Psyche-16' since the 1800s. NASA says we'll try to reach it starting in 2022.

Cowing says mining it probably isn't possible within our lifetimes.

"I would definitely tell people to hold off -- don't go buying stock in the "Psyche Mining Corp" just yet."

Asteroid 'Psyche-16' is believed to hold $700-Quintilian worth of precious heavy metals.

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