UT Austin extremists threaten to dox conservatives

We know liberals like to shut down conservatives on college campuses. Now they are going even farther, and it’s happening in Texas.

Extremists have threatened to dox incoming freshmen at UT-Austin if they join conservative groups. It actually happened to Lillian Bonnin of the Young Conservatives of Texas at UT-Austin.

“I was terrified, and then I realized that no one cares about these people. Nothing happened at all,” Bonnin explained.

Political analyst Camara Clifton is outraged and told KTRH UT has to step up.

“I think this needs to be nipped in the bud. I think these people need to be held accountable, and I think the university needs to be held accountable,” Clifton explained.

As for the school, spokesperson Shikra Bakre says they've talked to Attorney General Ken Paxton's office.

No members of our community should be targeted for their affiliations or political beliefs. The university has reached out to the Texas Attorney General’s Office for guidance on the scope of legal remedies that may be available to protect our students, faculty and staff from these outside threats,” Bakre told KTRH News.

But Clifton says it should go beyond that; that the FBI should be involved.

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