More people say immigration is biggest issue than ever before

There are two new polls out showing just how much you think immigration is impacting the country.

According to Gallup, 23% a record, told Gallup that immigration is the most important problem facing the country. David Ray with the Federation for American Immigration Reform told KTRH that's not a surprise.

“Clearly the issue drove America to the polls in 2016. It remains at high levels and the border is completely out of control,” Ray said.

Another Gallup survey shows a majority of working class Americans think high immigration rates are driving up crime. Ray says the numbers prove it.

“Roughly 25% of the federal prison population is comprised of foreign born criminals costing $1.4 billion every year,” Ray stated.

Seventy-three percent of Republican voters, and 65% who call themselves conservative say immigration is making crime worse today.

Border fence wall against illegal immigration

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