Dems Seize on Children in Border Fight

It turns out Democrats do believe there is a crisis at the southern border, after all. After initially denying any crisis and claiming it was all manufactured by President Trump, Dems are now looking to capitalize on it. Specifically, their focus is the plight of children in migrant detention facilities, amidst images of squalid conditions and reports that some kids don't have soap or toothbrushes. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi used the backdrop of those children to push a Democrat-led border funding bill this week. "I urge a strong bipartisan vote for the children, the children, the children," she told reporters.

Pelosi's comment echoes the latest Democrat effort to bash the Trump Administration for conditions at the border, despite the fact that President Obama implemented the same policies during the 2014 surge of unaccompanied minors at the border. At the time, Obama told ABC News, "Do not send your children to the borders.If they do make it, they will get sent back, more importantly, they may not make it." Democrats even got busted last year for using a 2014 photo of caged children at a border facility to blame the Trump Administration.

Longtime Arizona rancher Jim Chilton, whose Chilton Ranch sits along the Mexico border, is tired of all the politicking in D.C. over the issue. "It's that demagoguery that's going on, it's pure politics and not facing reality or the truth," he tells KTRH.

The reality Chilton sees is that the situation on the border is as bad as it's ever been. "I admire the border patrol doing what they're doing in trying to do their job," he says. "But you can become overwhelmed, and I think they've become overwhelmed."

As for concerns over the plight of migrant families, Chilton believes there is a time for sympathy, and a time for solutions. "When it comes to women and children, you can't help but have a warm heart for them," he says. "Except, people don't have a right to enter our country unlawfully, everything needs to be legal. And the Congress has to tighten up our asylum and immigration laws."

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