Sexual Harassment Reports are Down

Reports of sexual harassment have steadily gone down since the Harvey Weinstein case in 2017. Kelly Accetta with Truth Dot Coach says one reason for the decline is more responsible employers. “Corporations have really beefed up their HR departments to handle and address any allegations immediately and not to give preferential treatment to higher ranked executives or better producers.” That's some great news. On the other hand, many women employees are missing out on opportunities because of feared allegations. Accetta continues, "Men are less likely to go on a business trip with a female, have a business lunch or dinner with a female, or even mentor a female employee.”

Accetta says the workplace sexual misconduct reports will probably continue to diminish. One reason she thinks the corporate world has started to take the accusations more seriously is that, "It used to be the victims going after the individuals whom they reported harassed them. Now they also go after the company when it had failed to do anything about it."

The average age of those accused is 52, and 97% of cases are against men. Ms. Accetta is the author of "How to Defuse the Landmines We Plant in Our Lives."


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