Now Hiring: All Phases of Construction

Hiring in construction is booming in the United States, over $1,000,000,000 (a trillion dollars) was spent on construction during March and April of 2019 alone. Texas added the most construction jobs over the year, with California and Florida trailing. Marek's Michael Holland says one of the reasons is the expansion of health care facilities.

“The healthcare industry has strayed outside the Medical Center, and now has more of a suburban approach. So you’re seeing South Houston, West Houston, North Houston and even a little in the Southeast Houston where people are building facilities where they can be closer to the population they serve.” Holland also says construction companies of all types in Texas just don't stop hiring for two reasons: they are busy and workers are always aging out.

According to Holland, Texas and the Houston area are doing well but office buildings aren't going up as fast as they did in 2015 and 2016. “We’ve got several million vacant square feet of office building space --- so office building construction is – generally speaking – slow." He adds that multi-level housing is thriving along with higher education building.

Jeffrey Nielson of the Houston Contractors Association says that includes more than brick and mortar. " Civil Construction is the first phase that goes in to any building construction. We put in the road, the water lines, the sewers…all those things that have to go in before the the homes and buildings go on top. We are always hiring people in Civil Construction." Nielson says that although it's "not the sexiest of the construction industries, we pay very well. Of course, we do our work in all weather conditions - August is tough - and locations!"

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