Money for food--grocery store vs. restaurants

There's a big trend in Texas, especially in large metro regions like Houston, for more people to spend money on fast casual dining rather than at the grocery store.

It's all about convenience.

Texas Restaurant Association Marketing & Innovation VP Anna Tauzin said we're busier and looking to save time, not necessarily dollars.

"If I can pay to have a good experience and get something quickly and that's delicious, then I'm going to do that, more than I will spend the time to go and shop and go home and cook and then eat two hours later," said Tauzin.

Greater Houston Restaurant Association Executive Director Melissa Stewart said right now there's an upswing in letting others do the preparation.

"The effort to prepare and cook a complex, interesting meal, it really just gets outweighed and overshadowed by the convenience of our fast casual dining sector," said Stewart.

She says it's cyclical like fashion. In six months (which will be Christmas time) people will probably be doing a lot of cooking and baking at home.

Carry out, to go and delivery dining is included in fast, casual dining opposed to the grocery store.

Stewart said the restaurant industry brings in billions dollars and is one of the largest employers in the Houston area, as well as nationwide.

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