Man killed after SUV pins him in crash on North Freeway

A man that stopped on the North Freeway and got out of his vehicle was killed when another SUV hit him, pinning him under the vehicle.

At around midnight, the man stopped on the freeway going northbound near West Road, possibly because he had car trouble. While he was outside of the car, the SUV driver hit him.

A woman was still inside that car, which caught fire. She got out but suffered burns. Police say they are checking on her condition. She was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive.

The driver of the SUV stopped. Police say she had a baby inside her vehicle. Both of them are okay.

Police are still investigating, but say it did not look like she was intoxicated.

Several other wrecks happened after the initial crash. And officials are reminding drivers not to stop on the freeway and get out of their vehicles for any reason. If for some reason you do need to pull over, try to exit the freeway before getting out to check what's wrong.

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