Google is acting like Big Brother

Every move you make, every step you take, Google's watching you. But you can turn off a lot of the location tracking.

If you have an Android phone it's tracking everywhere you go with location history.

"And I will only allow tracking or location based services to be enabled while I'm using that particular app."

Computer security expert Robert Siciliano says Apple does this too, with photos.

"It will record what's called exif data, which is e-x-i-f, you can Google it, and that exif data essentially is latitude and longitude."

Siciliano says some like the tracking because it can prove where they were at any given time, but he says you should know you're being tracked and turn it off if you want.

"It's one of those buyer beware type situations. At least, at some level, know what you're getting yourself into and don't just blindly allow all of your data and information and self to be tracked without knowing what you're getting yourself into."

One Android user says he likes location tracking because if he's ever accused of a crime he didn't commit his phone can prove he wasn't there.

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