Construction continues on 610 for elevated bus lanes

Work on the dedicated elevated bus lanes continues to put a kink in your commute on 610 southbound for the next month or so.

As long as the weather allows, Texas Department of Transportation will be hanging steel beams over a section of 610 West Loop Southbound at Post Oak Boulevard this weekend and next weekend--from Friday night at nine until Monday morning at five.

Emily Black with TXDOT says that means closures.

"We're going to have a total closure of 610 West Loop Southbound from I-10 to Post Oak Road. That's going to include the I-10 direct connectors to 610 Southboud. And we're also going to be closing the 290 East connector to 610 West Loop Southbound," said Black.

She said closures carry into overnights on weekdays.

"Over the weekend they're hanging these large steel beams and then on the Monday and Tuesday after it, we're going to have some overnight closures where they're going to be doing some bolting and securing them in place," said Black.

She added there will be more major closures as the project moves forward, but this is all for the next month or so. Bad weather could change any closure plans.

By August, they hope to open up the 610 feeder and Memorial/Woodway exits that are currently closed.

Reportedly, the busway and the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lanes along Post Oak are expected to open in early 2020.

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