Acting DHS Chief Accused of Leaking Raid Information

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan is being accused of leaking plans for last Sunday's scheduled ICE raids.

Sources tell Fox News that McAleenan was "fiercely opposed" to the order, which was expected to target thousands of families that already face deportation orders in ten US cities - including Houston. The Washington Post published a story Friday with explicit details on the planned raids.

Reuters reporter Jeff Mason says President Trump abruptly postponed the raids on Saturday, calling on congress to work out a solution...

"His decision to delay also sets up what will probably be a pretty intense fight between Republicans and Democrats in the next two weeks over this issue, because he is hoping that Democrats will accede to his wishes on some asylum laws; and that is not something they have shown a willingness to do.

Mason says the postponement may have ramifications on Main Street...

"In fact, I think his base might be disappointed that he's delayed this for two weeks and will want to see that it actually happens in two weeks."

Homeland Security officials had reportedly been planning the raids since April, prior to former Acting ICE Director Ron Vitiello’s departure from the administration.

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