“Gray divorce, "silver splitters" or "diamond divorcees" on the rise

Instead of settling into retirement together, more and more Baby Boomers couples are getting divorced.

Gen Z and Millenials had a decrease in divorces.

There was a slight increase in divorce for Gen Xers.

However, for those 55 and older, the number of divorces rose.

Family law attorney Lené Alley DeRudder said Baby Boomers have raised their children, established their lives and now that the children moved out, they're realizing they aren't connected with their spouse and have grown apart.

"People are living longer and their reassessing their lives. They're not happy in their marriages and instead of just sticking it out, they're choosing to get divorced and create something different for themselves," said Alley DeRudder

She said Baby Boomers are discovering they're not happy because they have different interests from their spouse.

"They're saying, 'Why do I need to wait out the next 10-20 years? I don't have much longer that I get to experience my life and I want to go out and have the life that I dream of'," said Alley DeRudder

Bowling Green State University’s National Center for Family & Marriage Research found the overall divorce rate fell 29 percent from 1979 to 2017, reaching its lowest point in 40 years. (About 1 million couples divorced in 2017.)

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