What's Worse than Talking Politics?

House Oversight Committee Debates Holding AG Barr And Secretary Ross In Contempt

“Root canal,” someone suggests.

“Giving birth without an epidural,” says a female.

“Having a car accident on my way in to work,” says someone else.

Politics have become so bitterly divisive it doesn’t matter where on the political spectrum your beliefs place you – “ENOUGH!” is the consensus opinion when it comes to engaging in conversations about politics.

We’re tired of the bickering, tired of disagreeing, tired of arguing.

A recent Pew Research study finds 85% of Americans think political conversations have become too negative.

In a KTRH News sampling of professionals at a Houston business gathering, 4 out of 5 said they avoid political debate.

“I’d rather debate religion than politics,” said one flustered woman.

Hit pause. Take a breath. The 2020 political season is ready for take-off. Are you?

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