Should Houston carjacking suspect have been on the streets?

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo wade waves earlier this week when he went after the Harris County District Attorney’s office for allowing an accused carjacker back on the street after he committed aggravated robbery.

Dahani Davis was free because of a sweetheart deal he got for an earlier aggravated robbery.

“He gets arrested for aggravated robbery, and the DA’s office cuts him a sweetheart deal to give him deferred adjudication, which or those who don’t know, means no jail time whatsoever,” Joe Gamaldi with the Houston Police Officer’s Union explained.

Gamaldi tells KTRH the fact Kim Ogg’s office ignored Davis' lengthy rap sheet is inexcusable.

“They endangered the public and they endangered our officers unnecessarily because the DA’s office didn’t do their job,” Gamaldi stated.

Gamaldi says prosecutors have been making bad deals like this for 18 months now, and that judges are signing off on them.

We reached out to DA Kim Ogg's office. They wouldn't comment on the specifics of the Davis case, but in a statement said, "The DA has a very strong relationship with the chief. He knows how to reach her whenever he wants to share any concerns about anything and we always appreciate his input. " Ogg is up for re-election in 2020.

The document showing Ogg’s prosecutors asked for deferred adjudication are below, as is Davis’ rap sheet.

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