It's Time to Ask for a Raise

You know one possible reason you’re not making more money?

“I find that a lot of people never get a raise simply because they never step forward and ask for it. People have self-doubt, they have limiting beliefs. They might be of the mindset that if I ask my boss for a raise I‘m not going to get it,” advises Houston Success Coach and author Brad Blazar.

The economy is humming, unemployment has fallen to historically low levels and the job market is tight. If not now, when?

But the biggest obstacles most people face are their own insecurities and fear of asking.

Blazar offers a few suggestions, first among them make your request in person. “Asking for a raise is not something you want to do in an email. It’s something you want to do in person. Sit across a desk,” he says. If your boss is not in your building or area, try skype or facetime.

He suggests there is a right time and wrong time. If the company had a bad quarter, it’s not the best time. But if you’ve gotten compliments on your performance and the company is doing well, it might be optimal to ask now.

He says to do your research and know what the going rate is for your job description. Be positive, dress for success, and know that giving raises is part of your boss’s job description. They’ve been asked by many people, most likely, and have more experience in this area than you do.

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