Fourth of July in good shape for plenty of watermelons

Despite a rainy season, there will be plenty of watermelons for Fourth of July.

Producers in the Rio Grande Valley have been harvesting early varieties of watermelons for a few weeks.

The next crop will come from Laredo, into San Antonio, then through Central Texas, eventually into East Texas.

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension horticulturist Dr. Larry Stein said the harvest looks like it'll be pretty good.

"We thought maybe we had too much rain. We thought disease could be an issue, but it looks like we have been able to control any fungal problems that we might have and insect issues," said Stein. "Typically when you have a lot of rain, you have a lot of cloudy weather, you don't have a lot of sunshine, therefore the leaves can't manufacture sugar, that's why the fruit are less sweet than normal."

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