Mexico's doing it; why can't we?

President Trump's "Zero Tolerance" Mexico Border Policy Stirs Controversy And Confusion

Mexico seems to be doing something when it comes to illegal immigrants that the United States isn’t doing.

Mexico is catching and deporting migrants at their southern border. Some of them are being shipped back to their home countries in as little as 24 hours. Bob Price at Breitbart explained to KTRH why Mexico can do it, and we can't.

“They don’t have a bunch of liberal Democrats running the Congress and the courts,” Price explained. “That’s exactly why we can’t do it. The President certainly has the willpower to get it done.”

And early numbers show arrests along out southern border are down 13% this month. Price says that's because the threat of tariffs worked.

“You have to congratulate President Trump for applying the pressure points in the right places to make Mexico take action. This could have been done years ago,” Price said, adding that deportations being carried out by the Mexicans are sending a message, and that the number of migrants into Mexico are dropping as well.

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