Mainstream media keeps losing the ratings game

The cable news ratings are out, and the mainstream media networks are crying in their beer once again.

Fox News had more prime time viewers last week than CNN and MSNBC combined. Mike Ciandella of The Blaze tells KTRH people are just sick and tired of the whining and complaining on MSNBC and CNN.

“You turn them on and you think the world is ending. After time passes, you get tired of that, especially when you look around and you don’t see the world ending,” Ciandella explained.

Mollie Hemmingway from the Federalist told Fox that CNN and MSNBC sound like broken records.

"This is exactly what we heard in 2016, and it is somewhat disappointing that the media haven't even updated their spin on things. At worst what you have is a corporate political media that is pushing an agenda rather than just reporting the news," she said.

Fox News was first in prime time on all of cable TV last week. MSNBC was second. CNN was 14th, trailing networks like The Food Network, TLC, Investigation Discovery, and the Hallmark Channel.

“Would you rather watch doom and gloom all day and get depressed about the state of affairs of the country, or would you rather watch a cookie cutter love story that’s going to have a happy ending,” Ciandella asked.

Apparently you'd rather watch the Hallmark Channel. Fox has now finished first in the 'total day' category for 23 straight weeks.

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