Fed doesn't cut interest rates, but could before 2019 ends

The Federal Reserve thought about it, but ultimately they didn’t cut interest rates at the meeting that ended yesterday.

There had been talk about a possible cut at this meeting due to concerns over things like the trade war. But Sam Rines at Avalon Advisors tells KTRH he really didn't think a rate cut was coming now.

“They also gave themselves some wiggle room to be able to cut rates later in the year if the date warrants,” Rines said.

Rines says the Fed will be driven by jobs numbers more than anything else. He also says the economy is moving along nicely, but the mainstream media will try to tell you something different.

“The idea that the economy is in the tank is a difficult one. The Fed doesn’t see that because the economy hasn’t cracked, Rines explained.

We will see this talk pop up again at the next Fed meeting, which is set for the end of July.

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