Are you driving in the dark?

Critics say millions of us are driving in the dark because our cars' headlights are inadequate or misaligned. The feds may be about to step in and require automakers up their game on headlights.

KTRH Car Pro Jerry Reynolds says it's one of his listeners' biggest complaints, because they car shop during the day.

"Later that day or sometimes even a few days later before they get out at night and they find out they can't see as well as they hoped they could."

Reynolds says lots of cars need a headlight realignment.

"They'll get out of alignment over time, especially with the rough roads that we have and the potholes that people hit and that sort of stuff; it's a real issue."

Reynolds says that alignment is supposed to be checked when you get your car inspected. One day, Reynolds says cars will be equipped with Night vision, to better see pedestrians and deer.

Reynolds says some of the high end cars he's reviewed have lights that move with the steering wheel.

"Which I find to be one of the absolute greatest inventions out there, I mean it helps you take a corner in a dark residential area so much better when the lights are pointing the exact way you're going."

The government is considering requiring arrays of LED headlights on new cars.

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