New Kochs

The Koch brothers, whose energy conglomerate has earned them tens of billions of dollars, have long been major players in making donations to the GOP. They're often described as libertarian, but they play all sides. Now, in a bit of a surprise, they're donating to Democrat campaigns.

Houston Democratic strategist Mustafa Tameez says they may want to support mainstream Democrats in an effort to keep out Socialists, but it probably won't work.

"They tried to protect incumbents, but a lot of insurgents ran and the insurgents that ran and won are now dominating the Republican Party."

Matt Angle of the Lonestar Project says Texas Democrats don't need help beating Trump Republicans.

"We have a President who is incapable of telling the truth, who is incapable of doing anything that extends beyond his own personal ego and ambitions."

Angle says it is inevitable Texas will turn purple, with or without the Kochs.

"The Republican Party that came of age in Texas is dead; the party of George W Bush and Kay Bailey Hutchison -- that's long gone. Now it's the Trump party.

The Koch's idea is to stop Democratic Party Socialists, like Alexandria Occasio-Cortez, from surprising tenured Democrats.

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