10% of Americans are skipping their meds to save money

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says 10% of Americans are skipping doses of prescription drugs to save money. President Trump has promised to lower drug prices.

"We are holding Big Pharma accountable and, I must say, Big Pharma has also been working with us to get prices down."

Some democratic Senators are introducing the "Affordable Medications Act" this week.

UT-Health's Dr. Carmel Dyer says drug prices often soar without notice.

"They shift in the cost and the cost can be multiples higher than expected."

Dr. Dyer tells patients not to stop taking meds -- doctors can find cheaper alternatives.

"I can look online and I can check and see if something is cheaper, I can look for an equally effective but cheaper alternative."

Dr. dyer warns some patients risk strokes and heart attacks when they stop taking their medication.

"People have strokes and heart attacks and real problems when they stop their medicines; speak to their physician, look up things online but before you stop your medicine really try to search out ways you can get them more cost effectively."

In one case, a woman's inhaler cost soared from $50 a month to $1,000.

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