Holocaust Museum Re-Opens

Holocaust Museum Houston is finally ready for you --- after a $34 million, 2-year renovation. It is now twice as large as their original building. It opened in 1996, and Holocaust Museum Houston is the fourth largest museum of its kind in the country.

All exhibits are moving and insightful. One of the most heartbreaking yet inspirational at the same time is the Bearing Witness exhibit. It involves recorded stories told by actual Holocaust survivors, many of whom lived in Nazi Concentration Camps, living/who lived in Houston. There is also an actual World War II Rail car that was "used to carry millions of Jews to their deaths," and rotating photos and art. Assistant Museum Director Robin Cavanaugh spoke with our TV partner Channel 2, "It's a place for exploration and learning about being an up-stander. And the importance of teaching the dangers of prejudice, hate and apathy."

The museum will be open to the public on June 22nd.

Anne Frank Exhibit

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