Vaccine exemption applications up tenfold in Texas

Reportedly, in the past 16 years since Texas loosened its exemptions system, requests for vaccine exemption affidavits have increased more than 10 times from about 7,200 to almost 77,000.

The Immunization Partnership Director, Advocacy and Policy Rekha Lakshmanan said non-medical exemptions continue to significantly increase year, after year, in Texas.

During this past legislative session, lawmakers failed to define a way to prevent a possible health crisis when it comes to reducing the number of exemptions for vaccines.

"And now we're at the point of over 64,000 school aged children going to school without one or all of school-required vaccines," said Lakshmanan.

She said Texas legislators missed an opportunity to crack down on vaccinations for school-aged children.

"We really have to look at our laws and policies and find ways to tighten the loopholes," said Lakshmanan.

She said we're on the brink of losing our measles elimination status in the US.

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