Hundreds of thousands of illegals released into U.S. this year

Border fence wall against illegal immigration

New research shows that hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are going to be allowed to stay in the U.S. this year.

A new report puts that number at about 740-thousand illegals. Steven Kopits with Princeton Policy Advisors tells KTRH this was the result of the deal to reopen the government earlier this year, and that even Nancy Pelosi knows it's a bad deal.

“Our outlook is that the Democrats will throw in the towel in July. We think June is going to be a bad month. The Democrats forced something through. I don’t think they thought it would be this bad,” Kopits explained.

Kopits says what we have right now is a free for all, not just an open border.

“People from central America are acting rationally because the border is open right now and it’s their chance to come in. It’s probably a once in a lifetime chance really,” Kopits said.

And DHS says it released more than 204-thousand illegal aliens in half a year; that includes more than 8-thousand illegals in an eight day span.

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