Impeach Trump protests scheduled for tomorrow

We all know the left loves a good protest, and that’s exactly what they are planning this weekend.

There are over 140 protests calling for the impeachment of President Trump that will take place tomorrow. Republican strategist Jessica Colon tells KTRH it's the same old story from that side of the aisle.

“This is just more of the same from the leftist billionaires that want to fund disruption in this country,” Colon said.

That said, Presidential candidates like Beto O'Rourke told CBS he'd like to start impeachment proceedings.

“Impeachment is not about getting rid of the President,” Beto told Stephen Colbert. “It’s about finding the facts and getting to the truth.”

So will it actually happen?

“No, I don’t think Democrats go down the road to impeachment,” Colon stated.

Two of tomorrow's protests are in our area; one downtown with Congressman Al Green. The other is set for Galveston.

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