We’re number one, and we’re eating up the benefits.

A Wallet Hub survey confirms what we’ve always known: if you want to go out and grab a good meal, you’ll do no better than Houston, Texas.

Yep, we’re #1 in the number of restaurants per capita, they found. We’d like to invite them to sit for a spell as we tell those people that Houston is number one in so many other ways when it comes to our choice of restaurants.

We have more than 10,000. Can’t say for sure they are all the best in the entire world because if you ate out at a different restaurant in Houston every single night of the week it would take you 27 ½ years to work your way through our diverse variety and we haven’t done that yet. Besides, half way through they’d open new ones.

We eat out at our restaurants more than residents of any other city in the U.S. and that’s a delicious fact. The national average is 4.6 times a week. That’s not big enough for Houston. We dine out 4.9 times a week, and that “point nine” is leftovers someone left on a plate.

We pay less than other people, too. The national average is $36.40 per person. In Houston, we average $35.57.

When did Houston grow until a culinary destination capital for foodies worldwide? “Houston’s culinary scene is burgeoning. It’s been developing for the last ten years,” says Holly Clapham-Rosenow, Chief Marketing Officer for Visit Houston, which promotes Houston to those who don’t know enough yet and can’t get here fast enough. Eric Sandler is Food Editor for Culture Map and sets the growth of Houston’s reputation for dishing darling delights in the same time frame. “Things kind of stepped up this decade,” he says, launching into a long list of notable and award winning chefs and restaurants that have captured headlines and fans.

In the past ten years, while you were driving to and from work, the landscape of Houston restaurants has taken off in prestige and variety. Top chefs earn the right to cook here.

If you are looking for a place to dine out on your Friday night, check out some of the suggestions at Houston First.

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