Former INS agent: Mass immigration hurts middle class, helps elite

A former I-N-S agent says immigration is literally killing the middle class while keeping the ruling class in power.

That former INS agent is Michael Cutler, who told Breitbart that this is all about the Democrats making sure they get more Democratic votes.

“This is about destroying the middle class. So you’re going to drive Americans into poverty who will vote for the party that offers the freebies. Guess who that is? The Democrats. It’s not just importing voters, it’s destroying the middle class,” Cutler said.

Cutler says that while the middle class is being destroyed, the cash keeps coming in for the 'ruling class.'

“Why did we not have a border wall when we had Republicans controlling both houses? Understand that the immigration system for these people has become a cash cow … This is about people who can come to America and do harm to us … It’s also about jobs for Americans and wages and the impact it has on schools and the environment and infrastructure. We’re getting slammed. But here’s the problem: The immigration system is now viewed as a delivery system, and what it supplies is exploitable labor,” he explained.

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