Divorcing because irreconcilable political differences

What happens when elephants and donkeys butt heads?

More married Republican and Democrat couples are divorcing because of political differences.

Instead of American couples teaming up against the world, they’re finding themselves pitted against each other politically and taking it very personally all the way to court.

Divorce attorney Lené Alley DeRudder said the problem is actually the differences in ideologies.

"What happens when you are living with someone and you're intertwined with someone who's values, not only can you not understand or relate to, but they're complete opposite of what you believe in, you lose respect for that person, and you can't have a marriage without respect for one another," said Alley DeRudder.

She said before engaging in a heated debated, take a deep breath and step back.

"You're having couples that they cannot reconcile their differences, and those differences and belief system, ideologies, or politics link to a decline in respect for one another," said Alley DeRudder.

She said go to a counselor before seeing an attorney.

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