Workers 50 and younger see older workers negatively

Some younger workers aren't happy to see more Americans forgo retirement and continue working, according to a recent poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

Houston corporate culture expert Joshua Evans said older employees feel they are still valuable at work.

"I think many seasoned employees see themselves as being pushed out the door before they're ready, whether they're not ready emotionally, psychologically or financially, they don't want to stop working. They know that they still have value to the marketplace," said Evans.

He said young people might view older employees keeping them from advancing up the corporate ladder.

"On the flip side of things, we have this younger generation that sees themselves as these new innovative disruptive type individuals and they just want room up at the top so they can move up into these roles and really change things," said Evans.

He said if seasoned employees aren't working, there will be a loss of knowledge and wisdom to pass down to the younger employees. Instead, older employees should be paired with younger employees to get value from each other.

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