The viral sunburn tattoo trend is dangerous

There's a summer trend that is harmful to people...sunburning an image in their skin.

Kelsey Seybold dermatologist and dermatopathologist Dr. John Griffin said no tan is a good tan--it's a reaction that DNA has been damaged.

“It causes problems now because you have the pain of a sunburn and puts you at increased risk for problems later on in the form of skin damage and potentially increased risk of skin cancer," said Griffin.

The sunburn tattoo trend is a take on a non-permanent tattoos.

Griffin said this is a dangerous trend because a sunburn in skin's reaction to DNA damage.

"If you've had more than three bad sunburns, it substantially increases your risk for melanoma, which is one of the worst skin cancers," said Griffin.

He added your risk for non-melanoma skin cancer correlates highly with skin damage, as well.

Don’t forget—the skin you have now, is the skin you'll have when you're 80.

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