Harris Co. party chairs check out new changes for 2020 Primary Elections

Today, Harris County Republican and Democrat party chairs will get to try proposed changes for a Joint Primary for 2020 Primary Elections.

Harris County Clerk Dr. Diane Trautman said they've made changes and now seek approval.

"The chairs will come in and we actually take them through the process of checking in, just like they're voting. We show them how beneficial it's going to be to both parties voters," said Trautman.

She said it involves three different stations, to prevent lines from forming; and pushing a button instead of voicing your party affiliation aloud.

"That was a former complaint--the long lines and the lack of privacy, so we've changed that and that will be part of this new concept for joint primary," said Trautman.

She said the Republican and Democrat chairs will let their decision known one week from today.

People vote at a polling station in Miami, Florida, on November 6, 2018.

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