Some boomers don't plan to retire, but why?

Baby boomers who have sold their big homes

Many Baby Boomers are hitting retirement age, but not all of them are actually retiring.

A new TD Waterhouse survey found 12% of boomer business owners said they plan to keep working. One of them is business strategist Mel Lisiten.

“I’ll never quit. I love what I do. I have no intention of retiring,” Listen told KTRH News.

But the survey also found something troubling. Only 59% of those boomers said they were confident that their long term investment plans would help them 'achieve their goals.' Lisiten says he's confused by that.

“The market is booming. Everyone’s 401K and retirement plans are up. Maybe people made wrong choices,” Listen stated.

In contrast, 78% of millennial business owners, and 69% of Gen Xers said they were confident in their planning.

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