Go Plant Something!

June is National Gardening Month!

Even in the Texas Gulf Coast, our mornings are still "cool" enough for you to get your hands and knees dirty. If you're new to gardening, here are a few tips.

  1. Before you do anything else, start listening to Randy Lemmon, on GardenLine on KTRH Saturday and Sunday mornings. Follow him on Facebook. You'll be amazed at all the gardening stuff you don't know and are about to learn!
  2. Go to a local nursery and talk to the Master Gardeners. They will help you with a project that you can handle. Before you go, check the area you want to beautify.
    1. when does it get sun?
    2. when is it in shade?
    3. what about the drainage?
    4. how close is it to the house?
    5. do pets come close to the area?

Good luck and go out there and beautify!

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