Dems starting to eat their own


The cracks in the Democratic Party have led to sniping on the campaign trail.

Over the last week many candidates have gone after Joe Biden for supporting the Hyde Amendment (before he flipped on it). Charles Blain with Urban Reform tells KTRH the left is eating their own.

“They are all starting to tear each other apart,” Blain said. “They are going after the party over climate change and other issues.”

One candidate who isn't is Beto O'Rourke, but that's because he's trying to stay in the race. He's only getting 2% support in some Iowa polls.

“There is a lot of time before Iowa. We’ve never been guided by a poll before,” Beto said.

Blain says he thinks Beto might be done when it comes to 2020.

“Of course you don’t pay attention to the polls when they are not in your favor. But if they were in his favor, he would be Tweeting them out and putting them out in email blasts everywhere,” Blain explained, adding that O’Rourke thought he was going to have a much easier time in this campaign.

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