May jobs report could give Trump another boost

Jobs search concept

President Trump is looking forward to getting more good economic news today.

That's because later on this morning we will get the jobs report for May. Mark Hamrick at Bank Rate tells KTRH it should be a solid report.

“The consensus among economists is that we will see solid jobs creation of about 175K-180-K jobs created in the month, and that the unemployment rate should basically remain unchanged,” Hamrick explained.

That rate being 3.6% from April's report. Hamrick says if we look at the U.S. economy there is something surprising going on.

“Here we are ten years into the economic expansion and we are still seeing solid jobs creation,” Hamrick stated.

And that is despite fears over a trade war with China and some volatility in the stock market that could lead to a cut in interest rates later on this year. Bank Rate recently found that 40% of the economists they surveyed think a cut in those rates is coming.

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