Democrats have a Sleepy Joe problem

Joe Biden Holds Official Presidential Campaign Kickoff Rally In Philadelphia

The Democrats have a big problem on their hands when it comes to frontrunner Joe Biden.

That problem, according to rival Bernie Sanders is that Biden might be Hillary 2.0.

“I fear that you would have a campaign without a lot of energy and without a lot of excitement,” Sanders told The Young Turks.

RNC Committeeman Robin Armstrong says that for a change, he agrees with Bernie.

“The nickname that President Trump has for him is ‘Sleepy Joe.’ He’s not generating any excitement at all,” Armstrong said.

But one candidate that is giving MSNBC's Chris Matthews more than a tingle is Pete Buttigieg.

Matthews said during a recent town tall, “I’m a student of people like Kennedy. I have to tell you one of the reasons he won the West Virginia primary is he did it the way you’re doing it, very direct, very open, very clear and let them make up their minds. I think it’s wonderful the way you are doing this.”

Armstrong says Mayor Pete should not be taken lightly.

“He’s a very good politician. He is a slick politician, similar to Obama,” Armstrong stated.

But. right now, he isn't challenging either Biden or Sanders for front runner status.

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