It's nearly impossible to be an ordinary kid in an extraordinary society

Children are no longer able to be ordinary. They're being raised to be exceptional whether it's sports, academics or extra-curricular activities.

Child Psychologist and author Dr. Eileen Kennedy-Moore said kids are told they're great and amazing, but it's grooming to think it’ they're any less, they're worthless.

"What we need to do is help them turn down the volume on self-focus and self-judgment by connecting with something bigger than themselves," said Kennedy-Moore.

She said kids need to get a quiet ego. Children's self-judgement is out of whack and they feel like failures if they're not extraordinary.

"Even at the younger ages, we have high-stakes testing, intensely competitive sports, even among the little ones," said Kennedy-Moore.

After years of being told that they’re special, smart and talented, one of the biggest fears kids can have is not being those things.

Kennedy-Moore said nowadays social media encourages even young children to impress other people.

Portrait of 3 cool kids together on blue backdrop in summer

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