Tropical moisture moving into Houston; heavy rain expected

The tropical moisture from the system we have been talking about since last Saturday is finally starting to move in to the Houston area this morning.

The system did slow down a little bit, and Amaryllis Cotto with the National Weather Service says that means the coastal areas are going to see some bigger impacts from this.

“We are looking at higher amounts of rainfall, mostly to the coastal region,” Cotto explained. “We’re still expecting the higher amounts to be south of High 69 and 59.”

We are talking in general about three to five inches of rain for the coastal areas, but those numbers could change and trend higher. Other parts could see one to three inches. As for when this all ends, Cotto says the system will hang around for the next day or so.

“We will most likely see improving conditions by Thursday night,” Cotto said.

We are already starting to see some locations with high water. The list from Houston TranStar is here. And if you have a flight today, check with your carrier before you head to the airport. You can also look at the FlightAware 'Misery Map' here.

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