Reality TV causing anxiety in young people over body image

Young people have more anxiety about their bodies, when watching extremely attractive and uber fit reality TV contestants, according to a survey.

Almost one in four people between18-24 say reality TV makes them worry about their body image, according to a YouGov survey.

McGovern Medical School at UTHealth and UT Physicians assistant professor of psychology and psychologist Dr. Jennifer Hughes said yet, what we see on social media and reality TV has an influence on how we feel about ourselves.

"A lot of people will resort to eating disorders, they may develop anorexia or bulimia, or they're over exercising, or they're doing drastic surgeries to try and fit a certain ideal," said Hughes.

She said reality TV and social media gives people an unrealistic expectation of what our bodies should look like and what is beauty.

"Bodies that are either hyper fit or slim, especially unrealistically slim, that can have a really negative impact," said Hughes.

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