Don't Drink and Shop

Drunk shoppers – it’s a thing. What is this world coming to? Increasingly, as Amazon changes all our old shopping habits, they’re creating new ones. Drinking and shopping.

It’s already said to be a $45 billion dollar industry, based on a survey of 2,174 shoppers who drink.

It turns out Montana is the state where inebriated purchases are most likely to occur, followed by a second-tier of mostly southern states. Texas is in the middle tier, so we have our work, and drinking, cut out for us if we want to impress.

Psychiatrists Dr. Lantie Jorandby, a medical director at Lakeview Health, was amused by te demographic breakdown of who those high purchasers are. “It looks like men and women pretty equally, and it looks like there are more people who are Baby Boomers. People that are looking to retire soon are purchasing the most,” she says. Millennials are next on the list, Gen X the least likely to traipse tipsy through the customer reviews. She said she was attracted to the survey because she treats addiction, and says while opioids steal the headlines and legalization of marijuana is talked about endlessly, alcoholism remains the worst social problem.

The items people are most inclined to purchase while drunk are similar to sober purchases, clothing and shoes being the most popular at 66%, followed by movies at 47% tied with games, ahead of tech at 46% and food at 36%.

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