Pro-life movement picking up popularity across America

Despite the left attacking the sanctity of life, there have been many pro-life victories currently taking place across America.

The Texas Legislature passed five major pro-life measures.

Texas Alliance for Life Dr. Joe Pojman said the heart of America is changing in many regions in the country.

"Much of America is responding to the extremism that we're seeing in states like New York, Virginia, Vermont, Illinois, which are enshrining abortion, making it legal right up to the moment of birth," said Pojman.

Many of the dozens of Democratic presidential candidates want abortions to be legal right up until birth of a baby.

"Overall, the nation is becoming very polarized and the Democratic party, in much of the country, has been under the control of extremists," said Pojman.

He said they find people are uncomfortable with late-term abortions, people want limits on abortion and to protect unborn babies.

Pojman added their goal in Texas—until the Legislature meets again in two years—is to pass a complete ban on abortion that would go into effect when the Supreme Court overrules Roe v. Wade. For much of the country, that is the big road block.

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