Grand-parenting is Good for You!

The company of children brings a rejuvenation to seniors. This is another reason why a lot families give grandparents one more purpose - babysitting. Senior Care expert Jo Alch, R.N.of Acappella In-Home Care says there are many benefits to the grandparent. “Spending time alone with the grand-kids really improves your quality of life.

1. Lowers your risk for Alzheimer’s

2. Lowers depression

3. Boosts energy

4. Boosts social life

5. Adds years to your life.”

Alch adds, “And when you have something to live for --- you want to keep on going.” She says being with energetic little ones is good exercise as she has found with her own grandson. “I spend as much time as I am able with my grandson. But I know that when I get tired, I can always pass him back over to his mama!”

Alch says the only downside is when adult children want the grandparent to be the parent. The grandparent has a specific role to play – and being the parent isn’t it!”

Grandparents talking to children in yard

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