Feds not prosecuting many for hiring illegal immigrants

Illegal Immigrants Work And Live In Bay Area

While President Trump talks about securing the border, there are numbers showing a lot of improvement needs to be made when it comes to employers hiring illegal aliens.

The numbers that Syracuse University got from the federal government show that only eleven employers and no businesses were prosecuted for hiring illegals. Bob Price at Breitbart says that number has to go up.

“You prosecute them and put them in jail for this, and you will see knowingly hiring of illegal aliens come to a stop pretty quick,” Price said.

Price says the White House hasn't made a push for employers to stop, and if the President ever did, he will find a lot of pushback.

“As you saw when he talked about the tariffs for Mexico, big business stands up and says he can’t do that. That is probably what would happen again,” Price explained.

This is not a new problem. The 11 employers prosecuted over the last year matches the number from 2013. The number from 2009 was sixteen

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