Possible tropical system could bring heavy rain to Houston this week

The hurricane season just got underway and Mother Nature is already thinking of sending some tropical weather our way.

Right now the area of disturbed weather is still an 'invest,' but John Cangelosi with the National Hurricane Center told KTRH the system is trying to get its act together.

“It’s trying to organize but it’s not yet a Tropical Depression,” he said.

As for what we can expect, Nikki Hathaway with the National Weather Service in League City says you should expect rain, and lots of it.

“It’s going to bring in a lot of high values of moisture, and with that we will have showers and thunderstorms possible. With those, we can also see some heavier rainfall,” Hathaway explained.

As for how much rain, we still don't know. But our wettest days will be Wednesday into Thursday.

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